Bhagwat Gita – Neither Book of Religion nor a Treatise of Philosophy but a Defence of Dogmas of (a)Dharma-Varna & War.

Any religious literature if it propagates “discrimination” and ‘unjust’ war & killings tantamounts to the violation of Human Rights of Humanbeings of “Modern World” and is a challenge to  ‘free social order’ based on Equality-Liberty-Fraternity and Justice. Neither the Democratic Constitutional Laws nor International Law can admit such inhumane & insane beliefs.


The recent controversy and hue & cry raised by some politicians against a proposed trial arguing to ban ‘Gita As It Is’,translated by founder of Iskon, A.C. Baktivedant in the Tomsk Court of Siberia (Russia); the BJP leader Sushma demanding to declare ‘Gita’ as a ‘National Book’ is nothing but ‘intellectual & moral’ bankruptcy and dishonesty of the so called brahmin pleaders. The same can be said of our Yadava leaders who seem to be still suffering from ‘mental slavery’ and subscribing to the varna theory of Gita that is nothing but a scheme of dharmashatra books and justifies varna & caste. By upholding Gita as a sacred text, the Yadavas would be upholding not only the theory of varna & caste but accepting themselves as ‘shudras’ who were insulted & degraded by the brahmanical religious scheme under ‘varnadharmashrama’ socio-religious order.

            Though the Tomsk court has rejected the plea to ban ‘Gita’ and include it in the Russian Federal List of Extremist Materials which bans more than 1,0000 texts including Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and books distributed by Jehovah’s witness and scientology movements this article becomes mere significant to counter such anti-human, anti moral, unjust and casteist[racial] doctrines.

            Let us see what Dr. B. R. Ambedkar the most learned scholar on comparative religion has to say on this.

Dr. Ambedkar rejects Gandhi’s view on varna-dharma – Explores Truth:

            Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in His epoch schism which Gandhi in 1936 on ‘Annihilation of Caste’‘, when Gandhiji published 3 articles in Harijan (11.7.1936, 18.7.1936 & 15.8.1930) under titles Dr. Ambedkar’s Indictment and Varna versus Castedefending that Caste has nothing to do with religion. It is a custom and that varna and ashrama are institutions which have nothing to do with castes. Considering “Dr. Ambedkar is a challenge to Hinduism” and confessing “that if shastras support the existing untouchability I should cease to call myself a Hindu. Similarly, if the shastra support caste as we know it today in all its hideousness, I may not call myself or remain a Hindu.”

            Dr. Ambedkar answered Gandhi and has produced a mammoth literature on Hinduism refusing to call it a religion of humanity for “inequality is the official doctrine of Hinduism.” ( pp. 81-5, BAWS Vol. 1. For details see Chapter XI, XII & XIII, pp. 209-68 Poona – Pact : Historical Harms By Gandhi, Gandhism and Congress – An Inquiry, Vijay Mankar, 2010, Blue World Series, Nagpur India; ISBN 978-81-907085-2-4)

            Dr. Ambedkar in ‘A Reply To The Mahatma” [and in His ‘Annihilation of Caste’ itself] convincingly argues, supported by authentic evidences that how the Hindu shastras by giving sanctity to the varna & caste have ‘created’ them and ‘maintain’ this harmful order and that in order to annihilate it the ‘sense’ of religious sanctity behind caste and varna must be destroyed, and that can be done so [only] by discarding the ‘divine authority’ of the shastras (pp. 23-96, BAWS Vol. 1). He also critises Gandhi for“prostituting his intelligence to find reasons for supporting this archaic social structure of the Hindus.” He also highlights that how the brahmins being the ‘intellectual class’ of the Hindus, are dishonestly arguing for varna & caste only due to the fact that if the masses are emancipated from the yoke of caste they would be menace to the ‘power and prestige’ of the brahmins as a class.

Prophets Facing Backward – Needed ‘Intellectual Regeneration’ & ‘Moral Regeneration’ :

            Dr. Ambedkar suggests for the reorganisation of the Hindu society on a religious basis which would recognise the principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. For this He argues for a ‘moral regeneration’ of Hindu Society. But only those who have undergone an ‘intellectual regeneration” and those who are honest enough to have the courage of their convictions born of intellectual emancipation can bring this ‘moral regeneration’ . Needless to say that He considers the Hindu leaders‘quite unfit’ for the task. It is this what we are seeing even today when the so called b2 leaders are arguing falsely in support of Gita. Meera Nanda’s Prophets Facing Backward stand vindicated when these b2 leaders stood for the defence of ‘doctrine of inequality’ as philosophically justified by Gita. Perhaps they will pay head to her ‘Prophets Facing Forward’ where see advices Indians;’ to understand and follow Dr. Ambedkar. (pp. 77-8, 94-6, BAWS Vol. 1; Nanda, Meera, Prophets Facing Backward – Postmodernism, Science and Hindu Nationalism, 2004, Permanent Blacks, New Delhi, India; ISBN 81-7824-153-6)

            In His writings on ‘Revolution And Counter – Revolution’ chapter 10 Literature of Brahminism Dr. Ambedkar classifies the literature of brahmanism which was written after the counter-revolution of Pushyamitra Sunga against the Maurya kingdom build up by shudra’s [originally Nagas], which was a period of freedom greatness & glory of Indian History; to justify the misdeeds of brahmanical counter-revolution against Buddhism which stood for equality, liberty, fraternity and humanism (pp. 71, 266-331, 423, BAWS Vol. 3). In this category of literature Dr. Ambedkar includes Gita along with Manu Smruti, Shankarcharyas’ Vedant, Mahabharat, Ramayana and Puranas. (pp. 239-65, BAWS, ibid)

            Further in Chapter 13 Philosophic Defence of Counter Revolution – Kirishna and His Gita Dr. Ambedkar proves that howBhagwat Gita justifies war & killing without remorse or shame. How it offers a philosophic basis to the theory of chaturvarnya [inequality & injustice] and karma marga by yajnas. How Gita is written by different authors and in different parts and that how the brahmins elevated Krishna; originally a tribal deity to Parmeshwara for pleasing the Gupta kings for their religious trade, when they Guptas adopted Krishna as their family deity.

            According to Dr. Ambedkar, though Bhagvat Gita which borrowed from Buddhism, it was written as a positive dislike against Buddha and His revolutionary gospel which produced the Buddhist Age – “most enlightened and the most rationalistic age India has known”. (pp. 357-80, ibid)

            Dr. Ambedkar in The Hindu Social Order : Its Unique Features quoting verses IV.13, VIII, 41-44, III.26 & IV.7-8 of Gita proves that Gita justifies the creation of 4 varnas as a divine order; fixes their natural duties (particularly services of all the 3 classes as inherent natural duty of shudra); forbids propaganda against the Hindu Social Order (HSO) – which is build up on inequality & injustice, that which is sacred and therefore [not] to be violated. Thus neither the dharma  nor the ashramadharma orvarnashramadharma or gunadharma is to be transgressed. Thus Gita justifies HSO and denies the creation of a ‘free social order’ based on E-L-F. (pp. 127-8, 93-129, ibid). Thus Gita is ‘Manu in a nutshell’ according to Dr. Ambedkar.

Dharma is nothing but an irreligious law of varna & caste i.e. in-humanity and in-equality. Gita is no exception to this.

            Actually the meaning of ‘dharma’ means the privileges, duties and obligations of a man, his standard of conduct as a member of the Hindu community, as a member of one of the castes and as a person in a particular stage of life. Dharma means both laws & moral. Their is no difference between law and religion or law & ethics. Both are concerned with regulating the conduct of the low class Hindus to subserve the ends of high caste Hindus (p. 81-4, BAWS Vol. 3; pp. 273-4, BAWS Vol. 5). Dharma according to the (a)darmashatras [from Rigveda to Balambatti] actually means an ‘irreligious law of varna and caste’. It is both acustomary law and penal law sanctified by Hindu religion to maintain the inhumanities, indignities, inequalities, injustices of HSO to protect the privileges & rights of traivarnikas (brahmans, kshatriyas, vaishya). It is nothing more than a ‘code of conduct’ and not ‘religion’ which is generally taken to denote a particular faith, dogma/doctrine, rites & rituals. Dharma is law – an (ir)religous law for maintaining varna & caste. Varnashramadharma is central to ‘dharma’ in dharmashastras and Gita is no exception to this. It does not ‘defines’ dharma in any different way but only justifies it through a different dogma of innate gunas. This becomes amply clear by reading Bharatratna. P. V. Kane’s History of Dharmashastra – Ancient And Medieval Religious And Civil Law in India. (Kane, P.V. Vol. 1-5, Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune, India.  Also see Olive, Patrick, Dharma Studies in its Semantic Cultural and Religious History, 2009, Motilal Banarsidas Pub. New Delhi, India; pp. 1-8, Banerji, S.C., A Brief History of Dharmasastra, Abhinav Pub., New Delhi ISBN 81-7017-370-1; Donald, R. Davis, The Spirit of Hindu Law, 2010, Cambridge University Press, New Delhi, ISBN – 13 978-1–107-00561-7. For a comprehensive understanding see My book Poona Pact 2010, Chapter XII Dharma is nothing but an ir-religious law of varna and caste, ibid).

            In His writings on Riddles of Hinduism Dr. Ambedkar has dismantled the whole theory of ‘dharma’ & ‘varna’ along with the other tenets & dogmas of Hinduism and its religious heroes (BAWS Vol. 4). Simultaneously He propounded a unique theory of the origin of the shudras in his treatise ‘Who Were The Shudras? How they came to be the Fourth Varna in the Indo-Aryan Society’; wherein He proved that how the brahmins by denying the kshatriyas the right to upnayan created the shudra class. (He distinguishes the shudras of Hindu society and todays backward classes from the shudras of Indo-Aryan society – sacceshudra & nirvasita – shudra). (BAWS Vol. 7)

Dr. Ambedkar Examines & Rejects Hinduism. Why?

            Further in an inquiry into Hinduism on the basis of Test of Justice & Test of Utility; the criterion for judging right & wrong in ‘modern society’ – He examines the graded inequality, rule of slavery, marriage, rule of law, witness, offence of defamation, offence of abuse, offence of assault, offence of arrogance, offence of adultery and punishment for such offences in the criminal jurisprudence; in all its nakedness the inequality of punishment for the same offence based on caste.

            Further He examines that How in Hinduism their is both social inequality and religious inequality embedded in its philosophy and deliberate debasement of human personality of the out-castes.

            Dr. Ambedkar adduces that Philosophy of Hinduism is inimical to equality, antagonistic to liberty and opposed tofraternity. He also concludes that it does not satisfy the ‘test of utility’ as the philosophy of Hinduism dissects society in fragments, dissociates work from interest, disconnects intelligence from labour, expropriates the right of man to interest vital of life and which prevented society from mobilizing resources for common action in the hour of danger.

            Why Hinduism fails to satisfy the test of justice & test of utility; because the centre of religious ideal of Hinduism is neither ‘individual’ nor ‘society’. It is a class-the class of supermen called brahmins. He draws a parallel with the philosophy ofNietzsche and refuses to call Hinduism a religion of humanity and worst than all ‘isms’.

            According to Him whereas the Vedas and the Bhagwat Geeta deal with the general theory of chaturvarna, the smrities are concerned in working out the particulars and details of that theory. Even the Upansihad philosophy turned to be most ineffective and inconsequential piece of speculation [in know thyself] with no effect on the moral and social order of the Hindus. It had no influence on Hinduism as a social and political system and remained only a metaphysics rather than working ethics.“Hinduism ! Thy name is inequality!! is what Dr. Ambedkar concludes and states that it is a “misnomer” to call it a religion. Its philosophy is opposed to very thing for which a religion stands. He also considers that the Untouchables, Tribals and Denotified & Nomadic Tribes (today 38% population) are a product of this in-humaneunjust Hindu religion and its social order’. (pp. 1-91, BAWS Vol. 3)

            No doubt then Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar renounced ‘Hindu dharma and orchestrated the greatest ever conversion of 1 million people by embracing Buddha’s Dhamma on 14th Oct. 1956 in Nagpur (and 16th in Chandrapur). Dhamma as propounded by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is Universal humanism & morality; science i.e. reason, truth, rationality; it based on E-L-F-J; and brings welfare of all human beings and wellbeing of all living beings)

Gita-Doom of Humanity. Ban or no Ban. Discard This False Doctrine :

            Gita as a scheme of books of ‘dharmashastras’ therefore, does not goes contrary to the basic philosophy & religious code of Hinduism i.e. ‘dharma’ which is nothing but an ir-religious law of varna & caste – that is anti social, anti-democratic, anti-national and anti-humane system. It has enslaved 1 Billion Bahujans, till today [but for our Democratic Constitution]. On the contrary it advocates not to revolt against this dharma-varna slavery and unabashedly propagates a ‘war’ for dharma, that what is not only unjust & immoral but also inhumane. In its dogma of nishkamkarma it mentally enslaves Man (GN) to accept ‘all exploitations’ in the name of (a)dharma; and not to revolt or rectify the wrong deeds of self and the society for good results. This is nothing but theory of divine pre-ordination. It’s rehetoric of vasudevam kutunbam is not that the world is one family of god but that the ‘graded inequality’ of chaturvarna should be build up in the world for the ‘power & prestige’ of the ‘few’ so-called,  brahmins by enslaving humanity. The ‘Hindu America’ project is a testimony to this fact. Thus it is a pernicious ‘caste’ [‘racial’] doctrine which is violation of HRs and outright denial of the principles, values & systems of ‘modern world’ which today are based on the ‘golden principles’ of E-L-F-J, dignity of individual, Constitutional Democracy, welfare states etc. Let us not forget that Hitler took philosophical inspiration from Nietzsche’s ‘super man’ (Ubermensch) doctrine, Nietzsche in turn in His treatise Anti-Christ has admitted and avowed that he borrowed it from Manusmriiti. Thus from Manu Smriti to Anti-Christ and Anti-Christ of Nietesche to Mein Kampf of Hitler all  gave birth to Nazism and the 2nd world war (pp. 116-29, BAWS Vol. 3; pp. 33, 237-42, Kenny Anthony, Philosophy In the Modern Word 2008, OUP : Calendron Press, London UK). It is also learned that Robert Oppenhimer who was a key brain in the ‘Manhattan Project’ [which created nuclear bombs those were later dropped on Buddhist Japan on 6th & 9th Aug. 1945 by the orders of US President Harry Truman] got scientific inspiration about the enormous power of nuclear energy warfare from Gita.

            In view of the above, reference to Art. 4(a) (b) (c) of International Convention On The Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, 1966 (ICERD, 1966) becomes necessary which makes “all dissemination of ideas” based on racial superiority or hatred, incitements to racial discrimination, as well as “all acts of violence or incitement to such acts against any race or group of persons of another colour or ethnic origin” a punishable offence. Various covenants, conventions & declarations of HRs also forbid violence & war against humanity. (Brownlie, IAN, Goodwill-Gill S., Basic Documents on Human Rights, 5th edn. 2006, OUP, New Delhi). The ‘spirit’ of Art. 13 of our Constitution which declares all laws inconsistent & void if they violate Fundamental Rights also does not permits ‘caste discrimination’.

            The recent controversy, on Gita which has emerged from Russia which had once adopted Marxism as a doctrine is present. Even Karl Marx way back in sep. 1857 acknowledged that the ‘Hindoo creed’ and ‘Hindoo Law’ reckoned the shudra as inferior caste and imposed death penalty on him if he was to read vedas [i.e. violate the dharma]. He comprehended ‘caste’ as a slavery system that has subjugated men instead of elevating them, by brutalizing worship of nature. (pp. 16, 247-8, Karl Marx on India; Hussain Iqbal, Habib Irfan & Patnaik Prabhat (ed.), 2006, Aligarh Historians Society, Tulika Books, New Delhi, ISBN : 81-89487-14-0)

            A lot can be written on Gita or the (a)dharma shastras which were written by the so called brahmins with a single objective to create & maintain ‘caste’; to enslave the Dalits, Backwards, Tribals, DT/NTs & Women – the majority population of India for their selfish and inhumne ends. Even the ‘Encyclopaedia of Religion & Ethics’ by James Hastings has enough evidence to that. How such a book which advocates racial inequality & crime against humanity for protection of religion can be declared as a ‘National Book’?

            This is a fact that the world in general and  the Backwards [particularly Yadavas] must understand that how the brahmins have enslaved the shudras in name of religious creed of Krishna the Parmeshwar; who was indeed only a historical personalityand would have not though of such a pernicious doctrine to enslave his own people had he been a Yadava. Can the backwards deny that they are socially, educationally, intellectually, economically & political backward due to this very caste system created by the ‘dharma’ that Gita also advocates as the other (a)dharmashastras.

Backwards Need A ‘Social & Religious Revolution’ as Propounded by Dr. Ambedkar – Father of OBCs :

            What the Backwards (OBCs) must focus on is a “social and religious revolution” as propounded by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar – the Father of OBCs (Even Mahatma Phooley by His Satyashodk Samaj & Sarvajanik Satyadharma envisaged this social & religious revolution). It was Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who emancipated the shudras from the ‘yoke’ of caste by making them the ‘citizen’ of India under the Constitution of India and guaranteed ‘reservations’ and the ‘FRs.’; that which was never given to the Backwards by the (a)dharmashastras. They in turn insulted & degraded them to perpetual damnation by denying them the right to education, wealth and offices of power and ordered [only] to “serve” the trainvarnikas. Even today they are being discriminated (see tables on next table) and denied opportunity to march ahead in socio-economic aspects of life and pursuit of happiness.

            The ‘social and religious revolution’ as propounded by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar will also lead to political, intellectual & economic emancipation. But that cannot be accomplished without “Annihilation of Caste” and embracing “Buddha’s Dhamma” based on E-L-F-J and welfare of all. We have to reject [both] brahmins & brahmanism (i.e. Hinduism) and adopt Humanism.Are the backwards ready to revolt?

            This has to be realized by Ambedkarism. Sangh [AIMBSCS] will execute this ‘social & religious revolution’ based on Ambedkarism in the decades to come.

            JaiBhim ! Jai Phooley !! Jai PraBuddha Bharat !!!

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